Ameen Rihani Organization
"Genius everywhere is one. In the Orient and in the Occident the deep thinkers are kin, the poets are cousins, the pioneers of the spirit are the messengers of peace and good will to the world. Their works are the open highways between nations, and they themselves are the ever living guardians and guides."
Ameen Rihani, 1930
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
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Superb resource. Congratulations are in order. Thank you.

You did a great job on your web page!

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Please sign the GuestBook (It means a lot to me)

God Bless.

Great site.. but it pains me to see another Lebanese titan being hijacked by a culturally and intellectually bankrupt Arabism. Granted, Rihani was a champion of linguistic "Arabism", and toiled all his life to melt the Middle East's diverse peoples into a supra-Arab identity; still, he must be tormented by what an intolerant, narrow-minded and obscurantist ideology Arabism has become. Rihani is Lebanese and a bequest of Lebanon's national genius! As any good Lebanese merchant, he curried favor from the Arabs for financial expediency, but he was NEVER an "Arab".

I play CyberSurfari and this site rocks!

Very proud of you!!!

Super site. Wirklich interessant. Werde sicher noch verlinken. Aus unseren Portal hier. Lg und viel glόck

I would really like to congratulate the people behind this website. It has been a pleasure for me to know that great Lebanese people such as Ameen Rihani are having an organization after them to preserve their rights. I hope other great people do the same too.

I'm very, very glad to see that the site is growing. I really love to read Ameen's works, but I can only read it in Russian or English. I'm originally from Russia, now live in US, and I'm very interested in Eastern cultures (mostly Arabic & Indian). I learned about Ameen only 1.5 years ago in Russia since my Dagestanian friend was reading his book (Selected Works) in the Russian language. He is just an amazing philosopher!!! I wish I could read his works in the Arabic language. I wasn't able to find many sites about Rihani (unfortunately), so I hope this site is going to be bigger & bigger every year!!! Shukran!!
Messages : 101 to 150
Page : 3
Number of messages : 250